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Providing absolute solution for gas operation since 1958

Since its foundation in 1958, KAGLA VAPORTECH has been performing as a specialized manufacturer in the field of LPG, Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG), and Ammonia Gas (NH3). Within the course of business, we have received patronage of many customers as a top manufacturer in the field of vaporizers. In business, we were among the first to expand overseas from Japan. Now we also have a manufacturing base in Shanghai, China.
We have been catering for the demands of small and niche field that are hard for the big enterprises to deal with. As a result, our sales network extends to more than 20 countries today.
Conservation of the global environment has become an urgent issue today. And the world is entering into a new era to seek for fundamental change of energy source.
In addition, the COVID-19 pandemic that covered the world in 2020 has significantly changed the lifestyles and work styles of the people all around the world.
In order to respond to this era of great change, we consider KAGLA must further transform into a company that can meet even more worldwide diverse demands.
We will continue to explore what mission and duty KAGLA should fulfill in the society, and will continue to serve as a “company with One and Only Uniqueness ” even in the new era of global energy.

Photo of Kenichi Tamai, Chairman of Kagla Vaportech

Kenichi Tamai – Chairman

Photo of Japan factory design and development team

WHO WE ARE – Kagla Vaportech Corporation

KAGLA VAPORTECH CORPORATION was established in 1958 as a small manufacturer of LPG manual pumps. Since then, our unremitting efforts have made us widely recognized as a leading manufacturer of LPG / Ammonia vaporizers and other related LPG devices. History of more than 60 years has earned us a reputation of being one of the most experienced LPG vaporizer manufacturer in the world. Through continuous research and development over the years, “KAGLA” brand has grown to be a symbol of durability, reliability and safety.
While environment issues have become a common global concern, rapid increase of energy demand among developing countries and sense of distrust to nuclear power plants have made the situation further complicated. In this energy diversified era, we foresee the role of LPG as a major source of clean energy. And therefore, we wish to contribute to its further growth.

Photo of Japan factory production team

Photo of Japan factory production of liquid changeover regulator

Photo of Japan factory mechanical production

Photo of Japan factory operation check section

Photo of Japan factory warehouse for vaporizers

Photo of Japan factory welding work section

Company Profile

Company Name KAGLA Vaportech Corporation (President – Kenichi Tamai)
Headquarters 1-2-1 Tachibana-cho,Amagasaki Hyogo 661-0025 Japan
Founded February 18,1958
Capital JPY 57 million
Distributor Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia, Sri Lanca, Taiwan, New Zealand, Australia, UAE, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Russia, Kenya, South Africa, Chile, Peru
Factories Arima (Japan) / Shanghai (China)
Products LP Gas Vaporizer
LP Gas Supply equipment
LP Gas Bulk System
LP Gas Plants
Ammonia vaporizers
SNG system (Propane-Air mixer)
Hydrogen Water products
Licenses,Permits,and Qualifications Factory certified by the Ministry of Economy,Trade and Industry Welding- certified factory according to the High Pressure Gas Safety Law CE certified

Company History


Developed LPG filling hand pump

Product photo of LPG filling hand pump


The company founded as Okamoto “Zoki Mfg Co., Ltd.”

Photo of the first factory established in 1958


Entered the LPG plant business

Image photo of the LPG plant in early 1960s


Changed the company name to “KAGURA Mfg Co., Ltd.”

Image of the first company's logo


Developed LPG vaporizer “Vapor Gold”

Product photo of Kagla's first generation LPG vaporizer


Arima factory started operation

Image of Arima factory in 1966


Started sales of small size Heat blower “ARIMAX”

Product photo of heat blower


Established “Kagla Engineering Co., Ltd” for technical inspection / maintenance / installation

Image of LPG plant


Liquid Changeover “Kirikae”

Product photo of the first generation liquid changeover


Machining center newly established

Photo of the newly established machining center



LPG vaporizer
“Vapor Gold T”

Product photo of LPG vaporizer Vapor Gold T


Small LPG vaporizer “EV-10” for overseas market

Product photo of EV-10 vaporizer for export


LPG vaporizer “EX” for overseas market


Changed the company name to “KAGLA INBEST CORPORATION”

New company logo and company owned building


Computerized LPG vaporizer “Super Gold U”

Product photo of LPG vaporizer Super Gold U


LPG vaporizer “SX” for overseas market


LPG vaporizer “AX” for overseas market


Small LPG vaporizer “Minimum”

Product photo of Minimum vaporizer


Compact LPG vaporizer for bulk tank “Bulk Savist”

Product photo of Bulk Savist compact vaporizer


LPG bulk tank + vaporizer skid “Bulk Compo” series

Product photo of Bulk Compo the packaged product of the bulk tank and vaporizer on a skid


New office building added to the Arima factory


Established off shore factory in Shanghai, China.
(100% Subsidary)

Photograph of the ceremony when the local subsidiary was established in China


LPG bulk system with built-in vaporizer “BAiO” series

Product photo of LPG Bulk system with built-in vaporizerd


Packaged LPG auto-fuel dispenser “Auto Compo

Product photo of packaged LPG auto fuel dispenser


LPG vaporizer “REX” for overseas market


50th anniversary
Changed the company name to “KAGLA VAPORTECH CORPORATION”

Image of new company logo


LNG vaporizer “Naturizer

Product photo of LNG vaporizer


Compact vaporizer “Athlete

Product photo of compact vaporizer Athlete


LPG vaporizer “AX5” for overseas market

Kagla history 2012 - Product image of EV-100AX5


Entered into natural gas plant business

Image of natural gas plant


LPG vaporizer “CX” for overseas market

Kagla history 2015 - Product image of EV-100CX


New warehouse building added to the Arima factory

Photo of new warehouse at Japan factory


Entered into Hydrogen health care business


Compact LPG vaporizer “DX” for overseas market

Product photo of DX compact vaporizer for export


Received the Best Manufacturer Award from Hyogo Prefecture for Auto Compo

photo at ceremony of manufacturers' award


60th anniversary

Kagla's image character Mente-nyan and President Tamai


Compact LPG vaporizer “ADX” for overseas market

Product photo of small size dry-electric vaporizer ADX for export


Greater capacity model “EV-100ADX” for overseas market

Kagla history 2022 - Product image of EV-100ADX