Limitter Valve

Paraflow – Flow Controller to control operation of multiple vaporizers

  • Gas flow control valve
  • Prevent vaporizer over load in parallel setting



PARAFLOW is very unique valve that limits the flow of gas, preventing vaporizers to overload. When running two or more LPG vaporizers parallel, gas tends to flow to a lower pressure loss line. If the gas continues to flow from one side of vaporizer, eventually the vaporizer will overload leading the remaining vaporizer to overload as well.

Suppose you are providing a solution to your customer that requires expansion of facility. Your customer is using 100kg/h output vaporizer but requires additional 100kg/h summing up 200kg/h. It would be much more cost effective to install another 100kg/h vaporizer rather than replacing to a 200kg/h vaporizer.

However when you install two or more vaporizers running parallel, one of the vaporizer would overload as gas flow will drift during operation of vaporizers. Once the gas flow starts to drift, eventually it will cause overload of vaporizers.

KAGLA can provide you an easy solution to this issue by installing “PARAFLOW” to the secondary stage of the facility. “PARAFLOW” will prevent the gas flow to drift by controlling the gas flow amount.

Easy Introduction Movie on Kagla YouTube :


Fluid LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas)
Capacity (kg/h) 150 200 300 500
Changeover Pressure (MPa) 0.05
Design Temperature (℃) -5 ∼ +90
135 180 270 450
Inlet Pressure (MPa) When propane is used: 0.09
When butane is used: 0.07
Outlet Pressure* (MPa) When propane is used: 0.07 ∼ 0.09
When butane is used: 0.05 ∼ 0.07
Inlet / Outlet Size 40A JIS10K Flange 65A JIS10K Flange
Inlet / Outlet Size 140 190
Weight (kg) 6 12
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  • For instance, this indicates that when the flow quantity of the gas reaches the guaranteed flow quantity when using propane, the exit pressure decreases from 0.09MPa to 0.07MPa

Sample installation image

Installation image of PARAFLOW for simultaneous operation of multiple vaporizers

Installation image of PARAFLOW for natural vaporization back up when consumption increase

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