LPG Vaporizers

Ambient Air Heated Vaporizer

  • Ambient type
  • Capacity : 150 kg/h
  • Cost effective solution
  • Low maintenance cost


No Running Cost

Air-heated type vaporizer expedites vaporization by heat exchange with ambient air temperature.
This unit doesn’t require any operational cost after the installation.

Low Maintenance Cost

Since there are few moving parts, there are very few parts that need to be replaced periodically.

Easy installation and Eco Friendly

No electrical wiring and construction is required because it doesn’t use electricity.

** Ambient Air-Heated vaporizer is designed to be used for 100% Propane gas.

Sample installation image of ambient air heated vaporizers
Structural drawing of ambient air heated vaporizer


MODEL VALPG-150-16 (Ambient Air Heated Vaporizer)
Capacity 150kg/h
Gas Propane 100%
Heat Source Air heat
Weight Non operation: 450kg/Operation: 700kg
Hydraulic test pressure Above 2.66 Mpa
Pneumatic test pressure Above 1.58 MPa
Safety valve design pressure 1.58 MPa
Major materials Aluminum Alloys 6063 / Stainless Steel 304
External Dimension Width 1950 mm
Depth 1800 mm
Height 2800 mm
Connection bore Liquid inlet PL25 (B) – 1.6MPa HG/T20592-2009
Gas outlet PL25 (B) – 1.6MPa HG/T20592-2009
Accessories Anchor bolt M20x200L (4) / Instruction Manual
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