LPG Vaporizers

CX Electric Water Bath type LPG Vaporizer (50-500kg/h)

  • Electric
  • Hot water
  • Steam

  • Electric Waterbath type
  • Capacity : 50 – 500 kg/h
  • Simple & Easy installation
  • Float Valve safety feature 
    *Our Patented Technology
  • Explosion-proof : Flameproof
  • Ex d II B T4 Gb / Class-1, Division-1

Idioma : English / Español

Advantages of Electric Water Bath type LPG vaporizer

Advantages of Electric Water Bath type vaporizer would be its controllability, vaporization stability and safety. Electric heater warms the water in the bath. And this hot water indirectly heats the liquid LPG running through the heat exchanger tube.
As the heat source is hot water with a gradual temperature change, the vaporization ability is stable and controllable. And even if there is a problem with the heat source, the vaporization ability can be exerted while the water is warm.

  • Water temperature controlled between 75-85℃
  • Spiral shape heat exchanger tube for smooth and stable vaporization
  • Patented technology of Float Valve + Magnet system to prevent liquid carry over

As the Liquid LPG (Propane) is heated indirectly by the hot water, it is safer than Direct Fire type vaporizers.
In some countries with specific gas laws, Electric Water Bath type can be installed much closer to the tank / cylinders.
And its operation is noiseless.

Suitable applications : All Industrial and Commercial applications

  • Shopping malls, Restaurants, hotels, applications in the residential areas…
  • Factory holding combustibles and explosives (e.g. Paper factories, Gun powder factories…)
  • Agribusiness operations (Grain dryer, Poultry farm heating and more)
  • Residential / office heating (boilers and etc)
  • Metallurgy purpose (e.g. Oxygen removal during copper smelting)

Structural drawing of electric hot water type vaporizer CX



  • FLOAT VALVE with built-in magnet (KAGLA’s Patented Technology) prevents LPG liquid carryover.
    **1 Operation principle in the picture below
  • WATER LEVEL SWITCH and SAFETY THERMOSTAT prevents over-heating of water bath.


  • As the Control Box is connected to the vaporizer, electric work is easy.


  • Head cover of AX5 is removable for easy maintenance and overhaul.


  • 6 different vaporization capacity models from 50kg/hr to 500kg/hr.


  • Structure designed to minimize drainage to remain inside.

Vaporization mechanism of KAGLA Electric Water Bath type vaporizers

Visual image of vaporization mechanism of Electric Water Bath type vaporizers

Electric Water Bath type vaporizer CX has Water Bath with Electric heater and the heat exchanger submurged in the water bath. The water temperature is controlled between 75-85℃ for stable vaporization.
Liquid LPG (propane) goes into the heat exchanger tube in spiral shape.
While the liquid goes through this tube heated in the hot water, it is vaporized and comes into the gas chamber.
And then it flows to the outlet for gas consumption.

Function of Float Valve system (**1) – KAGLA patented technology

FLOAT VALVE is a safety function to prevent LPG liquid carryover to the consumption side.

1) Float Valve shut off mechanism

Float Valve is a safety mechanism to prevent Liquid Carryover to the consumption side.
When the gas consumption exceeds the vaporization capacity of the vaporizer, Vaporization may not catch up with gas consumption by the combustion equipment.
In this case, the non-vaporized liquid LPG will come into the gas chamber.
Then KAGLA Float Valve inside the gas chamber will be lifted upwards by the liquid and shut off the valve tightly with magnet connection.
This is a safety device that works reliably without using electricity or pilot air.
It also works in cases such as electric blackout, heater disconnection and others.

Due to the phenomenon that the liquid pushes up the float, the gas chamber outlet is closed by the valve at the top of the float and prevent the LPG liquid from flowing to the consumption side. Since it does not require external sources such as electricity or pilot air, it is a system that operates reliably under all circumstances.

Visual image of how Kagla FLOAT VALVE safety system functions to prevent liquid carryover

  • It is a normal operation state where the hot water temperature is appropriate and heat exchange with the LPG liquid is normally performed. Since there is only LPG vapor in the gas chamber, the float is seated at the bottom position and thus the float valve is open.
  • When the temperature of hot water drops and heat exchange does not occur properly, unvaporized LPG liquid flows into the chamber. Then the liquid collected in the chamber pushes up the float valve.
  • If gas consumption continues in this state, the float valve will be forcibly closed by the powerful magnet placed on the top of the float valve.

2) Procedure to reset the float valve shutoff

Structural drawing of Kagla FLOAT VALVE safety system
  • Identify the cause of the float valve closure and eliminate the problem.
  • Turn on the vaporizer and heat the water in the hot water tank with the electric heater.
  • Close the liquid inlet and gas outlet valves.
  • To reduce the internal pressure, open the drain valve slowly to release the LPG in the chamber and heat exchanger.
  • When the water temperature reaches 75℃, open the valves in each part and push in the reset rod to open the float valve.

Since a strong magnet holds the valve, some force is required to push the rod down.
If the reset rod cannot be pushed in at all, there may be liquid remaining in the chamber.
Open the drain valve to check and release it if necessary.


MODEL EV-50CX EV-100CX EV-150CX EV-200CX EV-300CX EV-500CX
Vaporization Capacity kg/hr 50 100 150 200 300 500
U.S Gal/hr 25 50 75 100 150 250
lb/hr 110 220 330 440 660 1100
Water Bath Capacity liters 50 50 95 120 130 275
Heat Exchanger Design Pressure kg/cm2 18
psig 257
MPa 1.77
Liquid inlet bore Rc3/4 Rc1
Gas outlet bore Rc1 Rc1・1/4
Hydrostatic Test Pressure kg/cm2 27
psig 386
MPa 2.66
Relief Valve Setting Pressure kg/cm2 17.5
psig 250
MPa 1.72
Flame-Proof Electric Heater kW 8 14 21 28 42 63
(14kWx2) (21kWx2) (21kWx3)
Electric Requirement Heater 200/220/380/415/440/460V,3-Phase
Control Circuit 220V,1-Phase
Dimension(mm) Width 420 420 480 520 520 670
Depth 694 652 689 739 739 854
Height 857 857 1058 1098 1158 1387
Weight kg 120 120 150 180 200 400
Ib 270 270 335 405 450 895
Design Standard Approval Explosion-Proof Construction / NEPSI
(National Supervision and Inspection Center for Explosion Protection and Safety Instrumentation)
  • Standard model : 380V (Different voltage available upon requests
  • 3-phase 220V heater models not applicable for 150 / 300 / 500kg/h CX vaporizers
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Sample installation image

Installation image of CX vaporizer

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