2nd Stage Regulator

Fuji Koki RC series – 2nd Stage Pressure Regulator

RC series product line up

Image of RC series Second stage pressure regulators

Product image of Second stage pressure regulator RC series


MODEL RC7 RC12 RC20 RC33 RC50 RC70 RC120 RC200
Capacity BTU/h – kg/h
based on Propane 100%
334,000 BTU/h
7 kg/h
572,000 BTU/h
12 kg/h
954,000 BTU/h
20 kg/h
1,575,000 BTU/h
33 kg/h
2,386,000 BTU/h
50 kg/h
3,341,000 BTU/h
70 kg/h
5,728,000 BTU/h
120 kg/h
9,547,000 BTU/h
200 kg/h
Inlet pressure 3.6 – 14 Psig
Outlet Pressure 0.4±0.07 Psig
Max Blockade Pressure Rc 1/2 3/4B (20A)
High Pressure Union
1-1/2 (40A)
High Pressure Flange
Inlet Connection
inch (JIS)
Rc 1/2 1B union 1-1/4B union 2B union
Dimension (mm) L=146 L=198±5 L=259±5 L=259±5 L=365±5 L=365±5 L=425±5 L=490±5

**120kg / 200kg capacity models also available.

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