TOYOKEIKI – Ultrasonic Smart Gas Meter with Safety + Networking functions

  • Multi-function Ultrasonic gas meter as a SAFETY DEVICE
  • Capacity : 4m3/h – 16m3/h
  • All functions in Compact size / Light weight body
  • Safety function including Seismic Shut-off
  • Remote monitoring and control via network
  • Interlocking function with external devices
  • Accurate and stable measurement of gas flow rate by ultrasonic waves

Gas Meter as a Safety Device – Japan Technology

Why has Japan continued to develop advanced technology?>
Part of the answer seems to be the geographical conditions of Japan.
Japan is a small island nation surrounded by the sea and has four different climates during the year.
In very hot summers, typhoons often come from the south. In the cold winter, it snows, and houses can be covered with snow and roads can freeze.
In addition, due to special geographical conditions, earthquakes often occur, and sometimes tsunami damage can occur.
In order to live in such an environment, Japanese people had to devise various ways to coexist with nature.
Moreover, because it is a small country with scarce natural resources, there was no choice but to support the economy in industries such as processing and manufacturing.
Against this background, manufacturing that can withstand the harsh environment has always been an indispensable requirement in all industrial fields, including architecture and urban development.
All types of TOYOKEIKI’s gas meters are accurate and durable to measure accurate numbers in all climatic conditions. Among them, the computer-controlled ultrasonic meter has various functions to analyze and execute all the data read by the sensor as well as to accurately measure the gas flow rate.

Multi-functional ultrasonic gas meter as a SAFETY DEVICE

Size comparison of ultrasonic meter and diaphragm meter

TOYOKEIKI’s ultrasonic gas meters are equipped with various functions so that gas companies can supply gas more efficiently and users can use gas with better peace of mind.
This is a compact size high quality gas meter with lots of control functions with network including centralized monitoring and remote control.
And at the same time, it is a Multi-functional safety device that responds to various situations, including a seismic function, so that gas can be operated safely in the event of any trouble.
There is no need to install a seismic circuit breaker separately. This compact meter housing has all the functions, so it is a product that we would like to propose to users who place importance on safety such as condominiums and shopping malls.

LPG safety device and the number of LPG accidents – Cases in Japan

LPG accidents dramatically decreased by installation of Smart Meter and Safety Devices

The fuel conversion from coal to LPG has been a great boost to the promotion of Japanese industry in the 1960s.
On the other hand, however, as LPG became more widespread, the number of serious accidents also increased. At its peak in 1979, there were as many as 793 accidents to do with LPG.
Bellow is the record of LPG accidents and safety device installation rate in Japan.
In Japan, the government started taking the initiative in promoting the introduction of safety devices in order to prevent LPG accidents.
And in 1987, Smart Meter with safety functions was developed as new safety device for LPG.
In 1996, 99.1% of LPG equipment was equipped with security equipment, which has dramatically reduced LPG accidents.

Graph showing that gas accidents have decreased significantly due to the spread of safety devices for gas equipment

Safety Functions of Ultrasonic Gas Meter – ETK series

Seismic shut-off function

Gas leak detection shut-off function

Other shut-off function

External input / output interlocking function

Gas leak detection alert function

Pressure detection alert function

Seismic shut-off function When an earthquake with a seismic intensity of 5 or higher is detected while using gas, the meter shuts off the gas and prevents gas accidents.
Total flow rate detection shut-off function Cases: Gas valve opened accidentally / Damaged or dropped rubber hose
 The meter shuts off the gas when the total value set in advance is exceeded.
Increased flow rate detection shut-off function Cases: Rapid and unusual increase in gas consumption / Damaged or dropped rubber hose
The meter shuts off the gas when the total value set in advance is exceeded.
Usage time detection shut-off function (4.0m3/h) Cases: In case of forgetting to turn off gas appliances
  The meter shuts off the gas when the maximum time set in advance is exceeded.
Pressure drop detection shut-off function Cases: Prevents gas accidents as secondary disaster after earthquake
  The meter shuts off the gas when pressure in the meter drops lower than 0.6kPa.
Cases such as piping damages by earthquake and etc.
Gas leak alarm activation shut-off function Cases: When the gas alarm connected to the external terminal is activated
  The meter shuts off the gas by receiving signal from external gas alarm.
Minor leak detection alert by flow rate Cases: Alert function to report minor leakage after the meter
Minor leak detection alert by pressure drop Cases: Alert function to report minor leakage between pressure regulator and the furnace
Abnormal regulated pressure detection alert Cases: Alert function to report error with pressure regulator
  Monitoring how often the regulated pressure goes out of range between 2.3-3.3kPa.
  The meter displays alert if it exceeds 15 days out of 30 days.
Abnormal blockade pressure detection alert Cases: Alert function to report error with pressure while the gas is not flowing
  Monitoring how blockade pressure of regulator after usage of gas
  and count how often it exceeds 3.5kPa.
  The meter displays alert if it exceeds 15 days out of 30 days.
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Image of Ultrasonic Smart Meter and external device connection terminal

**External input / output terminal
Other than gas leak alarm terminal, TOYOKEIKI ultrasonic meter has extra terminals for input / output. Also available for LPWA network connection.

Smart meterl connection terminal for networking Connection port for Communication device, NCU (Network Control Unit) to communicate with server platform of AMI (Advanced Metering Infrastructure) or AMR (Automated Meter Reading)
Smart meter connection terminal for gas detector Connection port for Gas leakage detector.
**The detector must be non-voltage output signal (dry-contact)
Smart meterl connection terminal for U-BUS communication devices Connection port for external devices (select from below)
-External 1: Gas leakage detector / CO detector
-External 2: Auxiliary (Cylinder changeover devices and etc.)
-H-line (External valve open/close control devices)
-Pulse output
Smart meter connection terminal for external devices Connection port for Communication device, NCU (Network Control Unit) and external devices such as server platform of AMI (Advanced Metering Infrastructure) or AMR (Automated Meter Reading).
**U-BUS is the latest Gas Smart Metering Technology originated from Japan.


Sample image of interlocking function of smart meter with external gas detector


Image of gas volume measurement by ultrasonic sensors

Compact and light weight

The ETK series is much lighter and more compact than conventional diaphragm gas meters. Recommended for places with limited installation space.
Light weight makes installation work very easy.

Developed based on many yeas experience

The ETK series was developed based on the safety function of the diaphragm type smart meter that has been used in Japan for over 20 years.

The latest and most reliable technology

The ETK series measurement method is the latest ultrasonic measurement technology which world’s most reliable.

Stable performance

There is no pressure loss due to piping resistance.
In addition, its structure is not easily affected by impurities in the piping.

Comparison pictures of size and weight between ultrasonic meters and diaphragm meters

Networking and remote control – LPWA

You can take advantage of more convenient functions such as remote monitoring and remote operation using a low-cost LPWA network.

  • Since the meter can be read remotely, labor and cost can be reduced.
  • Since the remaining amount of storage can be monitored from the office PC, cylinder replacement and tank filling can be performed efficiently.
  • Opening and closing of gas can also be controlled from the office PC.
  • Centralized management enables quick customer service by detecting Shut-off due to trouble.

Image of LPWA communication network to control smart meters


Image of Ultrasonic Smart meters of 4 different sizes

Maximum flow rate 2.5m3/h 4.0m3/h 6.0m3/h 10.0m3/h 16.0m3/h
Operating pressure range 2.8+/-0.5kPa
Pressure resistance 10kPa
Maximum display quantity 9999.999m3 9999.999m3 9999.999m3 99999.99m3
Minimum display quantity 0.2L 2.0L
Dimension (mm) H146 W174 D100 H210 W299 D148
Weight (kg) 1.6 1.7 1.7 4.0
Connection thread diameter M36x2 M34x1.5 M34x1.5 M56x2 M64x2
Connection pipe 1/2B(15A), 3/4B(20A) 3/4B(20A) 3/4B(20A) 1 1/4B(32A) 1 1/2B(40A)
Ambient temperature range From -30 to 60℃
Inlet connection Left
U-bus communication terminal Equipped
Battery life 10 years 7 years
Terminals DT, SG, FG, G, Gas alarm
External 1(External device 1、H-line、Pulse output)
External 2 (U-bus, External device 2)
Alert Function Flow rate detection minor leak alert, Pressure drop detection minor leak alert,
Abnormal regulated pressure detection alert, Abnormal blockade pressure detection alert,
Low battery voltage alert, Shut-off error alert, Back flow detection alert
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