LPG Vaporizers

ADX : Dry-Electric type Compact size LPG vaporizer

  • Electric

  • Dry-Electric type LPG vaporizer
  • Capacity : 45 kg/h & 55kg/h
  • Compact size / Light weight (23.5kg)
  • Single Phase Electricity
  • Solenoid Valve safety feature
  • CE certified
  • Explosion-proof : Flameproof
  • Ex d II B T2 Gb / Class-1, Division-1

Idioma : English / Español



  • Extremely SMALL DESIGN and LIGHT WEIGHT (23.5kg)! **1. Dimension in the picture below


  • FLAMEPROOF type Explosion Proof structure.


  • Digital Indicator in the Control Box for maintenance and function check.


Compact size to fit any places.
Single-phase power system makes installation simple.
Wall mounting space saving design.

  • Suitable for those where the installation space is limited
  • Small industry
  • Commercial (Shopping mall, restaurant, hotel, hospital and etc)
  • Residences (boiler)

Dimension & Flow Sheet

**1-1. Dimension

Structural drawing of dry-electric compact size vaporizer 45/55ADX

**1-2. Flow Sheet

Visual image of vaporization mechanism of dry electric vaporizers ADX

Piping construction image

Sample piping construction image of ADX.

Visual image of piping construction and installation of dry-electric vaporizer 45/55ADX


Vaporization Capacity 45kg/h / 55kg/h
Gas LPG (liquefied petroleum gas)
Heat Source Type Electricity
Explosion-Proof Heater 4.9 kW 6.0 kW
Power source Heater Circuit : Single-Phase AC220V (-0% ~ +10%)
Amperage rating 22.3 A 27.3 A
Approximate Control Temperature 63 ℃
Thermal fuse setting 130 ℃
Safety Relief Valve
Setting Pressure
250psi(1.72MPa )
Connection Bore Liquid Inlet NPT 1/2
Gas Outlet NPT 1/2
Dimensions W 240 x D 180 x H 605 (mm) **Refer dimension drawing
Approximate Weight 23.5 kg
Explosion-Proof Cert No. GYB18.1066X (Ex dⅡB T2 Gb)
Product Standard No. Q31/0115000515C005
Standard Accessories Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual
Mounting bolt (M12 x 40L with Plain washer, Spring washer) 4pcs


  • First stage regulator must be installed right after the gas outlet of vaporizer. (If there is distance, re-condensation may occur)
  • First stage regulator outlet setting pressure must be below 0.15Mpa or 22psig.
  • Preferable model of regulator : Fisher 627
  • Install vaporizer where direct sunlight can be avoided and enough ventilation.
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