1st Stage Regulator

Kagla KR series – Medium Pressure First Stage Regulator

  • Pressure regulator made in Japan
  • Good operation reliability

KR regulator option: First Stage Pressure Regulator for AMMONIA (NH3) Kagla KR-A series


MODEL KR-100 KR-200 KR-300
Fluid LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas)
Capacity (kg/h) 100 200 300
Design Pressure (MPa) 2.4
Design Temperature (℃) -5 ∼ +90
Maximum Inlet Pressure (MPa) 1.56
Outlet Pressure (MPa) 0.035 ∼ 0.15
Required minimum pressure difference between inlet and outlet pressure (MPa) 0.1
Inlet Size 25A JIS20K Flange 25A JIS20K Flange 40A JIS20K Flange
Outlet Size 40A JIS20K Flange
Total Length (mm) 385 385 500
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Sample installation image

Installation image of AX5 vaporizer

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