1st Stage Regulator

Kagla KR-A series (First Stage Pressure Regulator / Medium Pressure) for Ammonia

  • Pressure regulator designated for Ammonia gas made in Japan
  • Corrosion resistant material equipped on all Ammonia gas route
  • Good operation reliability

Idioma : English / Español

KR regulator option: First Stage Pressure Regulator for LPG Kagla KR series


Fluid NH3 (Liquefied Ammonia Gas)
Capacity (kg/h) 30 70 100
Design Pressure (MPa) 2.4
Design Temperature (℃) 90
Maximum Inlet Pressure (MPa) 1.56
Outlet Pressure (MPa) 0.035 ∼ 0.3
Inlet Size DN25-PN40 Flange
Outlet Size DN25-PN40 Flange DN40-PN40 Flange
Total Length (mm) 385
Weight (kg) 15 28
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Sample installation image

Installation image of AX5 Ammonia vaporizer

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